Welcome to my new website dedicated to sharing my very best hair extensions reviews, tips, advice, and techniques. I’ve been using hair extensions since 1997. I’ve paid a few times to have someone else do them, but I found that if I wanted them done right and for less than $1000 then I had to do them myself.

The Art of Extensions for Hair

In the last 11 years I’ve spent countless hours researching, experimenting, and perfecting the art of using extensions for hair. I’ve learned which hair products to use and appropriate hair extensions care. I often wished that someone could have put together a web site like this one; it would have saved me hundreds of hours.

Your Best Hair Extensions

Therefore, I have decided to take a step forward and share as much as I can about what I have learned. Hopefully it will help someone else achieve the best hair extensions they could ever have without spending too much money or time.